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I am a freelance writer from the Chicago area. I have one awesome child, one sweet husband, one clingy cat, and one website:


It’s about time I acknowledge your awesomeness

Little Duck and company: image by author

Dearest Little Duck,

I should probably start by apologizing for almost tossing you out with the trash. At this point, I couldn’t imagine life without you, but back when you arrived, you were the gift my sister got for “the new baby” on…

Tuxedo cat
Tuxedo cat
Chillaxed Kitty: image by author

Even the cat deserves a yearly celebration

I’m not sure whether to hide the sports equipment or the breakables

Image (not idea) by author

There are several things I would change about my house, given the opportunity to do so, but our family room is pretty large with high ceilings, and we all love it. We purposely have a decent portion of the room empty so Amelia can run around, pull out all 3,000…

Luckily, I can pay her in kudos and hugs

Image by author

My nine-year-old daughter, Amelia, is the most extraordinary person I will ever know. Her capacity for kindness is unsurpassed, and she is always excited to help if she knows something needs to happen. Occasionally, this causes her to shame me into…

Every day’s a party, except for the ones that aren’t

A confused goat in Aruba after I made goat noises at it
This is my goat friend in the Aruba national park after I made goat noises out my car window. I regret nothing. Photo by author

My name is Lisa, as you might have guessed. I am a freelance writer living in the Chicagoland area with my husband, nine-year-old daughter, and cat. I grew up in Chicago, but I never returned after moving to the western suburbs to be closer to my college. I’m still a…

If you truly love your babies, don't put them up on pedestals

Photo by Cate Bligh on Unsplash

I recently submitted a story about challenges in my life that affect my career. The publication I sent it to is devoted to writing about writing. Two weeks’ worth of writing, editing, trimming, re-editing, and fussing over formatting netted me a story I felt was a perfect fit for the…

Sometimes, all it takes to find a bit of happiness is to open your eyes

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Growing up with pretty unhappily married parents who ended up divorcing each other not once but twice (long story) was exhausting. They could barely coexist in the same room for over an hour before one of them said something that rubbed the other the wrong way — behavior my sisters…

I suppose I could have stayed home, but where’s the fun in that?

The Library — image by Amelia Dexter

Once my daughter, Amelia, started school, I jumped at the chance to help where I could. I wanted to do something for the folks who were doing so much for my little girl, and I was fortunate…

Cheering from the sidelines isn’t always so easy

Image by Amelia Dexter

This past spring, my husband, Walt, and our daughter, Amelia, planted wildflower seeds in our backyard’s former weed patch. As I stood at the bedroom window watching them clear the area, shifting my weight every minute or so to minimize my knee pain, I felt conflicted. I was thrilled that…

Lisa Dexter

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